The Academy at Alico Family Golf

At the Academy at Alico Family Golf, our objective is to figure out why your ball flies offline or is not as consistent as you would like. Our approach is to look at how you are making contact with the ball and then work our way back from there to solve the cause with these golf lessons, not just the effect of poor ball flight. Therefore, we don’t teach methods or have one model that we use for everyone. We believe that every golfer who steps on our tee box is an individual and therefore deserves to be treated as such. We also believe, with our golf lessons, there is a correct way for each golfer to efficiently move their body and the golf club for best results.

The other factor that sets the Academy at AFG apart from other academies is the fact that we approach golf holistically. Many times golf lessons get locked into only full swing instructions on the driving range. The problem with this becomes apparent very quick; ball striking improves but a player never scores to their potential. By looking at the entire game, rather than only working on their full swing, it allows us to make rapid gains in their whole game and the player will score better and enjoy the game more.

“Alico Family Golf Academy is set apart from other academies in the area because each golfer is an individual.”

Congratulations to Jordan Wolf for recently making news on Golf Digest.

Daily Private instruction

  • Held in :30 or :60 minute intervals
  • Private Golf Lessons give a players the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention with the emphasis being on application and necessary drills to improve their game
  • For all golfers and non-golfers

Weekly Golf Clinics

  • Held in :60 minute intervals
  • For beginners and golfers looking to receive the fundamentals of the game on a consistent basis
  • For beginners and returning golfers

Monthly Golf Schools

  • Full & Half Day formats

Various formats of golf schools are designed to suit your specific needs. During these full and half day golf schools you will gain an understanding on how to make an impact on your personal game. With that understanding, it allows for your future practice and lesson time to be more productive

Daily PGA Full Service Club Fitting & Club Repair

  • By Appointment Only
  • Includes: all materials, golf lessons, golf tournament and refreshments.

Appointment Cancellation Policy:  For all pre-scheduled pre-paid appointments, a 24-hour notice is required to receive a refund. This ensures that others on our daily waiting list can fill the spot. Remember, weather is not an issue with our canopy!

Debbie Keim, LPGA


Deb Keim has been involved in the golf business for over 25 years. She is a
registered member of the LPGA. She was raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. As an amateur player she captured the Massachusetts High School state championship three years in a row. Went onto Purdue University and played golf and field hockey for them. After leaving Purdue, she turned professional and played on the LPGA Futures tour. Her desire to teach the game took over and she landed her first assistant job in New Hampshire. From there she eventually moved back to the Cape to raise her three children with her husband Ken. Deb was an Assistant Professional at several public and private courses throughout Massachusetts.

She was the Head Professional at Paul Harney Golf Course in Falmouth, MA for the past four years. She has developed a strong will to not only teach the game of golf, but to strive to grow the game. Her involvement in teaching has been focused on juniors, ladies, men, beginner, intermediate and advanced players.
Her teaching philosophy is to make the game fun and challenging. The basics of golf are the key to success. She uses a full-on approach of teaching how important it is to get your body working together as one. The timing with your arms and legs and where your clubhead ends up at impact are factors that she focuses on in her teaching.



  • 30 Min: $60
  • 60 Min: $100
  • 3 Pack of 30 Min: $160
  • 3 Pack of 60 Min: $275
  • Additional Person Lesson: $20


Phone: 239-334-GOLF

Cell: 508-737-3004

Dates and time are subject to change.

Kraig Feighery, PGA

Kraig Feighery is a Class “A” member of The PGA of America. He was born in Bogata, Colombia. He excelled nationally in baseball and played at The University of Western New England. Kraig earned his four-year degree in management and lettered four years on the baseball team while receiving all conference honors. Fueling his competitive desire to instruct, Kraig wanted to work in the game of golf. He developed his foundation of the game by caddying at Round Hill Country Club in Greenwich, CT. The following season Kraig became the youth golf instructor at Sterling Farms in Stamford, CT. With a move to Fort Myers in November of 2005, Kraig took a job at Gulf Harbour Golf & CC as a PGA Assistant Professional. Instruction was Kraig’s primary focus thru his 8 years. Fueled by the desire to coach and instruct, Kraig started up a summer junior golf camp as well as becoming a middle school and high school golf coach.

Kraig partnered with his father Jack to create a golf putter manufacturing company called Roll-Master® Golf. The company was best known for it’s Ringer Putter®. Putting is a labor of love for Kraig. In addition, working with students who want to find a solution to their golf swing and game gives him the most satisfaction. The more the challenge the greater the reward. Kraig’s teaching philosophy is based on sticking with the basics, that way you never have to go back to them.


  • 30 Min: $60
  • 60 Min: $120
  • 3 Pack of 30 Min: $150
  • Sky Trak Launch Monitor: $85
  • 3 Pack of 60 Min: $330
  • Group Lesson for 5: $125
  • Additional Person Lesson: $20


Phone: 239-334-GOLF

Dates and time are subject to change.

Trey Sones, PGA

Trey Sones has been a professional golfer since 1995. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and played golf for the University of Central Florida where he won multiple golf tournaments. One of those tournaments was the prestigious Southern Amateur Championship. At that time Trey was the 9th ranked amateur in the country according to Golf Digest magazine. Trey turned professional in 1995 and played mini tours and went to Qualifying School twice.

After marrying and starting a family Trey became a Class A professional and began teaching the game he loves. He has taught at various clubs throughout SWFL. He currently is the lead instructor at AFG Golf Academy. Trey’s teaching philosophy is to help each student improve by getting them more relaxed and teaching them the mechanics of the golf swing.


  • 30 Min: $50
  • 60 Min: $90
  • 3 Pack 30 Min: $130
  • 3 Pack 60 Min: $250
  • Shared lesson: Add $20 per person
  • Sat Morning JR Clinic: $25 (10:30am to noon)


Phone: 239-334-653

Cell: 407-687-9614

Dates and time are subject to change.

Blaine S. Lytle (USN RET.)

Blaine has been with Alico Family Golf since it’s opening in 2014. He is a 20 year Navy veteran and has been involved in coaching competitive sports, leadership and motivation for over 30 years.  After retirement he spent time teaching Physical Education within the lee county school system before becoming part of the Alico Family Golf staff and joining the PGA as an Apprentice. He is also the golf coach for Canterbury Middle School for the 2016 season. His approach to coaching is motivation without frustration, comfort and confidence helps produce an enjoyable golf game.


  • 30 Min: $40
  • 60 Min: $80
  • 3 Pack 30 Min: $110
  • 3 Pack 60 Min: $220
  • Shared lesson: Add $20 per person
  • Sat Morning Adult Clinic: $25 (9am to 10am)


Phone: 239-334 -4653

Cell: 239-560-1418

Dates and time are subject to change.

Jeremy Wells

Jeremy is a professional teaching instructor at Alico Family Golf. He grew up in Virginia, where he fell in love with golf at age five. He was captain of his college golf team at The College of William and Mary where he ranks 5th on the all-time stroke average. He was All-Conference his final 3 years at school in the Colonial Athletic Association and was Scholar Athlete of the Year as a senior. After graduating in May of 2013, Jeremy turned professional to pursue the game full time. From 2013-2016 he played mini-tour events and Monday qualifiers for TOUR events all over the country. Jeremy achieved three wins as a professional and successfully qualified for one of six available spots out of a field of 150+ in a WEB.COM TOUR event. His low tournament round this year is 64 (-8).

Jeremy has spent hundreds of hours studying swing technique in recent years and his favorite golf swings belong to Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods. He has detailed knowledge of how different body movements lead to different responses of the golf club and, ultimately, the golf ball. Jeremy is dedicated to continuous of his improvement of his own game, which is directly applied to his students.

Jeremy is known for simplifying the confusion around the golf swing, helping students fix faulty patterns to improve their game and lower their scores. All students will receive a full video analysis utilizing V1 PRO software. Within 24 hours of each lesson, Jeremy sends each student a lesson review video that goes over the main takeaways of that day’s work for use in future practice sessions.


  • 30 Min: $60
  • 60 Min: $100
  • 5 Hour Pack: $400
  • Wed Morning Adult Clinic: $25 (9am to 10am)


Phone: 239-334-4653

Cell: 804-931-6299

Dates and time are subject to change.

Lee Puddefoot, PGA

Lee Puddefoot has been a PGA Member since 2006 and has been teaching golf from 2008. Lee worked his way to become a First Assistant all the way to Head Golf Professional at Estero Country Club, but decided that teaching was his true passion. Lee teaches all levels, from beginners to college players and PGA Golf Professionals. His mission in teaching students of all levels is to help them understand their golf swing and why they do what they do, and explain by V1 Video Analysis, and Sky Track launch monitor.


  • 30 Min: $65
  • 60 Min: $95
  • 6 Pack of 30 Min: $295
  • 3 Pack of 60 Min: $325
  • Sky Trak Lesson: $85
  • 12 Pack of 60 Min: $125
  • Group Lesson for 5: $125
  • Evolution JR Golf Program: Inquire


Phone: 239-334-4653

Cell: 239-628-5272

Dates and time are subject to change.

Tom Pellegrini

Tom Pellegrini has been a PGA Apprentice since 2016 and brings his technical mechanical experience into golf. Tom believes that there is reliance in the science and feel is not real.  He holds two U.S. Patents on golf training devices and has designed numerous golf related products currently in use. He is a master club performance specialist and a certified level 3 putting specialist. Tom incorporates the S.A.M. Putt Lab in his analysis, fitting and training. Mr. Pellegrini gravitates towards teaching putting and short game due to his extensive background fitting tour players to amateur golfers.

Putting Academy Options

  1. ANALYSIS: – $50
  2. PUTTER FITTING: – $100
    • ($50 rebate applied towards new putter)
  3. TRAINING: – $100.00


Phone: 239-334-4653

Cell: 219-929-6767

Available Mostly

Call For Appointment

“Thanks a million, Debbie.  That was an awesome lesson!  I hope you have a great sojourn here in Fla.  I hope to see you for more lessons in the future.  I am now whacking balls our consistently 9 times out of 10 or better, thanks to you!”

“Thanks Tom. Now I have an approach to work on. Things were better that afternoon. Soon I will be playing nearly every day when home. Thanks again. You are a very good teacher.”

– Clyde T.

“Trey, The golf lessons have been great. You not only identified my swing problems and worked with me to correct them, you also boosted my confidence in my swing. After I play a few rounds and determine what parts of my game need additional work I will be contacting you for some more lessons. Also, I plan to recommend you to my friends. Thanks for all your help.”

-D. Beard

“If you’re looking for a PGA Professional to help you with your golf game look no further than Lee Puddefoot. Lee has a great understanding of the golf swing and puts emphasis on the basic fundamentals that will help you improve every aspect of your game. He easily translates his knowledge to the player through practice drills and video work that he does with each of his students. After working with Lee the last few months I’ve been able to make vast improvements in my golf swing and get away from bad habits that I’ve had for many years. My son whose an 11 year old junior golfer has made such improvements while being in Lee’s summer camps and Evolution Program that he will be continuing to work with him one on one. By turning drills and techniques that he’s teaching into fun game, he makes learning much more enjoyable for all kids. Both my son and I are excited to continue working on our golf game with Lee, he is a true professional and Gentleman.”

-Joe Patti