9-Hole Short Course League

Date: TBA

$50 per team entry (season ending prize)… $15 weekly entry fee (round-beer-prize)… Weekly walk-ins welcome… Must fill out application to qualify!

This 9 hole golf league is a 2 person team total stable-ford with points awarded for individual score on each hole for a total team score. The league will run for 8 weeks starting on January 24th and ending on March 14th.

Point System
5 points for hole in one
3 points for birdie
2 points for par
1 for bogey
0 points for worse

Winning teams will be decided weekly and the overall winning team will be based on the best 5 scores out of 8 attempt. 1st 3 rounds will establish handicap. Then we will take the best 5 rounds. End of season BBQ at AFG Contact Person Kraig Feighry 239-334-4653 kraig@alicofamilygolf.com

For more information, please contact kraig@alicofamilygolf.com or (239) 334-4653

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