Alico Family Golf Academy

At the Academy at Alico Family Golf, our objective is to figure out why your ball flies offline or is not as consistent as you would like. Our approach is to look at how you are making contact with the ball and then work our way back from there to solve the cause with these golf lessons, not just the effect of poor ball flight. Therefore, we don’t teach methods or have one model that we use for everyone. We believe that every golfer who steps on our tee box is an individual and therefore deserves to be treated as such. We also believe, with our golf lessons, there is a correct way for each golfer to efficiently move their body and the golf club for best results.

The other factor that sets the Academy at AFG apart from other academies is the fact that we approach golf holistically. Many times golf lessons get locked into only full swing instructions on the driving range. The problem with this becomes apparent very quick; ball striking improves but a player never scores to their potential. By looking at the entire game, rather than only working on their full swing, it allows us to make rapid gains in their whole game and the player will score better and enjoy the game more.

“Alico Family Golf Academy is set apart from other academies in the area because each golfer is an individual.”

Appointment Cancellation Policy:  For all pre-scheduled pre-paid appointments, a 24-hour notice is required to receive a refund. This ensures that others on our daily waiting list can fill the spot. Remember, weather is not an issue with our canopy!

Become a Better Golfer


– Held in :30 or :60 minute intervals

– Private Golf Lessons give a players the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention with the emphasis being on application and necessary drills to improve their game

– For all golfers and non-golfers

– Held in :60 minute intervals

– For beginners and golfers looking to receive the fundamentals of the game on a consistent basis

– For beginners and returning golfers

– Full & Half Day formats

Various formats of golf schools are designed to suit your specific needs. During these full and half day golf schools you will gain an understanding on how to make an impact on your personal game. With that understanding, it allows for your future practice and lesson time to be more productive.

– By Appointment Only

– Includes: all materials, golf lessons, golf tournament and refreshments.