The Putting Academy at AFG

Improve all aspects of your golf game with our latest world’s leading putt analysis and training system from Science & Motion Sports



Measure existing putter specifications
Record putter stroke movementand ball dynamics
Capture posture and alignment
Review report of analysis to determine course of action.



Determine length for correct posture
Determine correct lie angle and proper length
Determine correct loft for optimum ball launch
Determine head type
Determine toe hang
Determine offset

*$50 applied towards purchase of a new putter



Learn How and Why to be consistent with:
Shaft lean
Rise angle
Tempo and rhythm



Tom has been a PGA Apprentice since 2016 and brings his technical mechanical experience into golf. He believes feel is not real and there is reliance in science . He holds two U.S. Patents on golf training devices and has designed numerous golf related products currently in use. He is a master club performance specialist and a certified level 3 putting specialist. Tom incorporates the S.A.M. Putt Lab in his analysis, fitting and training.

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