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Golf lessons Tim Jankowski

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Our PGA professional instructor Tim Jankowski has a Golf Tip of the Week to help lower your score!

For a good portion of my teaching career in the Chicago area I had taken for granted that because most of the people I was working with were hitting the ball better, that they were also playing better as well. Like many of the teachers in the area I had let many of my students monopolize my time and keep me on the driving range. As a result, this did not allow me to take time to work on their short game. The reality of the situation was that I was able to get their misses from tee to green to be less severe, but I was not able to affect the bottom line, their scores.

After assessing my results with many of my students, I was able to isolate that the problem wasn’t that they weren’t getting better; it was that they weren’t getting better where they needed to in order to score better. For a select group of individuals I made it a point to force (and I do mean force) them to use our lesson time in a much more productive way and in turn change the way they practiced by themselves. The results were nothing short of amazing!

Now you may be asking yourself what was this dramatic change that I made to get better results with my students? It was quite simple; I asked them to look at their golf game like a business. If you break down your next round of golf, what you will find is that in an average round of 90, a little less than 2/3rds of your strokes come from less than full swings. This number surprises most people but think about how many times you are around a par 4 in 2 or 3 shots and still make 6,7, or worse. The troubling part is that most golfers spend roughly 90% of their practice time working on only about 35% of their game. If you think about it from a business perspective, that’s bad business to spend so much time on such a small portion of the business. What changed was that they learned to practice in a ratio that matched the amount of shots they took on the course.

The easy way to do this is to simply divide your practice time into 3rds. If you have an hour to practice, the first twenty minutes should be on your putting alone. The second twenty minutes should be on a couple of short game shots (i.e. chipping and pitching or short wedges and bunker). Then finish with full swings for twenty minutes. If you have 2 hours the time spent should be 40/40/40 and so on. By practicing in this order, it forces you to spend the majority of your time where you lose the majority of your shots.

If you think back to an earlier statement that I made about the results being nothing short of amazing, in my final season of teaching in Chicago, I witnessed fourteen students who lowered their scores by up to 5 shots by using this practice method. The reason this is exciting for me and now hopefully for you is that with the short game area and short course at Alico Family Golf rapidly coming to completion, it’s a perfect opportunity to lower your score and play better golf this season. For more information on the Alico Family Golf Academy Golf Tip of the Week by Tim Jankowski, and how I can help lower your scores without hitting a single full shot, please click on the “instructors” tab on the website or contact me direct at or (847) 644-1513.

Golf lessons Tim JankowskiGolf lessons Tim Jankowski Tim Jankowski