Golf Tip of the Week: Get More Distance!

By September 29, 2015Alico Family Golf

Get More Distance!

By: Tim Jankowski

One of the biggest complaints that I have gotten since my arrival to South Florida has been losing distance. Does “I used to hit it 10, 20, even 30 yards farther than I do right now” sound familiar? If so you’re not alone. Although we do lose some turn with age, follow these simple instructions and create and more speed to start getting some of those yards back!


In your back swing, when your arms stop at the top of your back swing, you should see what looks like an “L” between you front arm and the shaft of the club. (See picture to the right)


Once you’ve created the first “L”, your objective is to then snap that “L” or angle to a straight line in relation to your front arm at impact to release the energy that you created in your back swing. (See picture to the left)GetmoredistancebyTim


By creating and then releasing the “L”, what your actually doing is creating leverage which in turn creates energy. Even if you can’t turn as shown in these photo’s, you can still create a large amount of speed simply by focusing on creating leverage. Follow this Golf Tip of the Week and Get More Distance!

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