Golf Tip of the Week: Getting rid of the YIPS

Getting rid of the YIPS is as easy as 1.2.3….4?

By: Tim Jankowski


Ever notice that great putters always seem to have great rhythm, tempo, and flow to their strokes? When you look at these players they all the ability to control the club and there is no “yippyness” to the motion at all. Yips are a very simple problem and can usually be fixed in a matter of moments. The yips come around when your arms are blocked by your body in the down stroke. As a result, you have to use your hands to try to fix the problem and create an uncontrollable jerk of the club through impact. In every account that I have seen, players arms get blocked by a poor setup at address.

Now, knowing what the problem is one thing, here’s how you fix it:

  • Your first objective is to bend forward from the hips so your eyes get somewhere near the golf ball. This allows you to get the best vantage point of the target line. Tim Jankowski Golf Tip of the Week2


  • Second, make sure that the arms hang (free of the rib cage) under your shoulders at address. This allows them to swing freely and unimpeded by your body which is the opposite of the example you tried earlier.Tim Jankowski Golf Tip of the Week1


  • Third, get your hips over your feet. Most people sit back on their heels which gets your shoulders and arms not matching up so well. It also creates imbalance at address which you then have to recover from in your motion. Tim Jankowski Golf Tip of the Week3


  • Fourth, one of the biggest steps that people miss is to get the shaft in alignment with the forearms. This eliminates the hands from the stroke by creating a very stable platform for the shaft to swing from.Tim Jankowski Golf Tip of the Week


By referencing the pictures above this will allow you achieve a better setup and a stroke that swings “free” which will get rid of those yips. Check out the next Golf Tip of the Week to learn how to improve your stroke once you’ve fixed your setup and gotten rid of those yips. To find out why you’re not putting to your potential, call/email Tim directly at (847) 644-1513 and to schedule a video putting evaluation.