Driving the ball straight off of the tee can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

The Fundamentals
  • Tee the ball high.
  • A high tee will allow you to strike the ball on the upswing.
  • Put the ball high in your stance.
  • Make sure the ball isn’t beyond your left foot.
  • Take a wide stance.
  • Keep your head behind the ball.
Advanced Technique
  • Grip the club high.
  • Gripping the club up high allows for power at the cost of accuracy.
  • Make adjustments to your own body and club size to find the best grip.
  • Draw the club up and back.
  • Don’t use too much back-swing.
  • Swing! Bring the club down and hit the ball.

More to think about. Keep practicing.

Keep lowering your score. Keep improving. 

Before you hit a golf ball, there are many things to remember. When televised, the sport looks very easy. However, in order for golf to look very easy, you must follow certain golf mechanics.

If your shots are going to the left or to the right, falling short, are too low, not traveling very far or you are just missing them altogether, then you need to improve your golf swing.

In order to improve your golf swing, you should use a mental checklist. The golf stances as well as good balance are vital to improving your golf swing. Some other things you should address are the ball, the grip, the back-swing, the down-swing and the follow through. When you carry out these golf swing mechanics correctly, you will see an improvement in your game. Eventually, these mechanics will become second nature.

Your shoulders should be relaxed, your left arm should be straight and your right arm should be slightly bent. The distance you stand from the golf ball is crucial because it will improve your golf swing. If you find yourself standing too far away and are bent, you should move to a better position so that the club is extended and comfortable.

Be certain that you are positioned correctly. If the golf ball is pointed too far forward and to your left, your shoulders will point left which is where the shot will head.

If the golf ball is too far to the right, the same rule will apply. If you stand too far back in the initial address of the ball, you will not achieve a straight shot. Good balance is a top priority and planting your feet firmly on the ground is paramount.