At the Academy at Alico Family Golf, we’re dedicated to making sure that all aspects of your golf game are covered. From clinics and classes to high-tech equipment that help you improve your game we also a offer full-service club repair along with custom club building bringing you a true try before you buy experience.

Second Hand Clubs

Ready to buy new clubs but don’t want to deal with selling the old ones?

Bring them in to AFG and we’ll assess them, appraise them and sell them for you.*

Please call 239-334-4653 to make an appointment with Kraig, or email him at
(please include “club sale” in the subject line)

*We’ll assess based on condition and year

Club Repair

Got a worn out club, the grip is falling apart or the loft needs adjustment?

Install grip – Free
Grip provided – $2.00
Save grip – $2.00
Lie/Loft adjustment (per club) – $5.00
Assemble club (per club) – $10.00
Disassemble club (per club) – $5.00
Cut down – $2.00

Extension – $8.00
Re-epoxy head (per club) – $10.00
Replace ferrule (per club) – $5.00
Spine align (per club) – $10.00
Frequency check (per club) – $5.00
Frequency check (set 13) – $50.00
Swing weight check – Free

Custom Building Equipment with Orka

What is it?

There’s no two identical swings, therefore, there’s no one fits all golf equipment. We’ve partnered with Orka Golf to make sure each of your clubs is a perfect fit for You. The British golf company is a recent recipient of 11 awards including National Club Golfer, Today’s Golfer and Golf Monthly.

We provide personal service, so you’re not walking out with something you’ve taken off the rack.

How is it different?

At the Academy at AFG we will take you through the whole Orka line and compare your current clubs to Orka golf clubs to see the difference in performance.

There are a variety of shafts available for all skill levels from women to senior players as well.

We will match any club head and shaft in any combination available on the market today.

S.A.M. Putt Lab

Improve all aspects of your golf game with our latest world’s leading putt analysis and training system from Science & Motion Sports.

Click the image on the right for more information.

ES2020 Launch Monitor

Coming soon

We’ve partnered with Ernest Sports to bring you a professional environment to help you improve your golf game utilizing high-tech equipment.

We have staff on site that have been trained and equipped to provide excellent best practice to golfers.

ES2020 is by far the best for the value launch monitor on the market today.

What to expect:

Enhanced Doppler technology
State of the art high-speed cameras
Fully functional indoor/outdoor
Directly measured club/ball date