Over 40% of strokes in a round of golf are made with the putter on the putting green.

The Fundamentals
  • Palm to palm grip
  • Ball between the eyes
  • Reading the lines
  • Short range practice
  • Dustbin for distance
Advanced Technique
  • Find the sweet spot
  • Err on the pro side
  • Fringe benefits
  • Routine procedure
  • Left below right

More to think about. Keep practicing.

Keep lowering your score. Keep improving. 

1. Palm to palm grip
Dangle your arms in front of you and clap your hands together with palms facing, before gripping the handle of the putter softly. Ensure the back of the left hand follows through on the line on which you want the ball to roll.

2. Ball between the eyes
Most good putters have their eyes over the ball. In practice take your stance and address and drop a ball from between your eyes. In the correct position the ball should fall on top of the club head.

3. Reading the lines
On faster greens the lines of the mower will give a clue to the pace. A lighter shade (mown away from you) means the surface is slightly speedier than the darker shade and will take more break or borrow.

4. Short range practice
On the practice green concentrate on good technique and consistency by holing a succession of four-footers. It will give you confidence in hearing the ball rattle into the cup rather than randomly firing long-range putts that never go in and ruin your focus.

5. Dustbin for distance
From longer range, pace is more important than line. Concentrate on rolling the ball to within an imaginary circle the width of a dustbin lid. Remember from 20 feet two putts is always good.

6. Find the sweet spot
Hold up the putter up between finger and thumb and tap the face with the edge of a coin to find the sweet spot – the clubhead will pendulum rather than twist. Mark that spot on the top of the clubhead so you can see it at address. Struck opposite that point the ball will generate overspin and roll.

7. Err on the pro side
With a curling putt, always allow for more break than you see. Pro’s know that a ball die-ing into the hole from side has more chance of dropping into the cup, than one weak and shallow.

8. Fringe benefits
Putting from the fringe of the green, imagine the hole is a few feet further from you and ensure you follow through to get a good roll.

9. Routine procedure
Establishing an identical pre-shot routine is essential. Check the line (ideally while others are putting out but not in their eye-line), address slightly away from the ball, check your alignment, practice swing to get the feel of the pace, shuffle forward to the ball. One look then pull the trigger, smoothly back and through.

10. Left below right
Comfort and alignment are crucial but the shoulders must be kept square and aligned to the direction of the line on which you want the ball to roll. Try left hand below right, (if you’re a right handed player – and like Jim Furyk or Padraig Harrington); it helps to keep the shoulders square at impact. You may have to adjust to a shorter-shafted putter to get the full value of the stroke.