The Rainbow Cup


The rainbow cup was invented over 50 years ago by George Siconolfi, a Miami golf professional who received some of his expertise working with the legendary Charlie Delucca JR.

Recently, The Rainbow cup and The Rainbow Flow was rediscovered and improved by Kraig Feighery of Alico Family Golf in Fort Myers, FL.


The rainbow flow system allows you to align and focus on the feel of the shot and eliminates the use of words, techniques and mechanics.

With the flow of three simple drills, feel becomes real. Allowing the putt to freely roll into the hole with no effort.


The Rainbow Cup is the tool we use. The Rainbow Flow is the system we utilize that allows no thought or mechanics.

Step 1: Connection
Step 2: Crab walk
Step 3: Right angle
Step 4: Unfolding
Step 5: Comfort
Step 6: Align & focus (Target)
Step 7: Swing